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Kolumbao is a bot that allows users to communicate with each other without having to share any Discord servers.

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Official Channels

Kolumbao is powered by its community, and its list of official channels are chosen and suggested by you, the people; and with user-created channels, you can make a channel for anything and everything! See the top channels after installing Kolumbao with kb!top.

# General

Kolumbao General is the flagship of Kolumbao. It was the very first channel to be released on Kolumbao and is the most used channel to date.

  • All content must be SFW (safe-for-work), and not disturb others.
  • No suggestive or disturbing images, they have their place in #kb-nsfw.
# NSFW (Not Safe For Work)

Kolumbao NSFW is for all the naughty stuff. Any NSFW memes, posts, and inappropriate content that you wouldn't show your grandma or grandpa go here.

  • Most content is allowed here, as long as it abides by Discord's ToS.
  • The rules are lighter here, but you may still be punished for misbehaviour.
# Art

Kolumbao Art is the creativity and design section of Kolumbao. Any artistic content, including drawings, music, and paintings, should go here. Simply share your art or get some useful advice!

  • All conversations in this channel should pertain to the arts.
  • You can post your own art, share others' art or discuss art here, but do not pretend to be the creator.
  • You may critique others' work, but do not be rude (such as "This looks awful, go get a life!").
# Serious

The channel for serious discussion on Kolumbao. Debates and formal discussions are permitted here and can be used as a place to have serious conversation without jokes and informality.

  • All conversations and debates should be civil, and not get out of hand.
  • No memes or joking content unless related to the topic.
# Général

Ce salon est dédié pour la langue française inter-serveur de Kolumbao. Parlez avec vos amis, trouvez de nouveaux amis et passez un bon temps sur Kolumbao Général !

  • Tout contenu doit être approprié et ne pas déranger les autres.
  • Pas d'images suggestives ou dérangeantes, elles ont leur place dans / nsfw.
# Ad

An advertisement channel for every language.

  • Don't spam advertisements.
  • Give some sort of reason to join (try to avoid blocks of text).

Custom Channels

Custom channels are finally here (2020.08.16), and let users create their own channels! Create your own with kb!create. You must be level 8 on Kolumbao to access this feature


This command will guide you through a channel creation process, in order to get details about how you want the channel to look.

kb!edit <id> <field> <value>

This command is used to edit details about your channel. For example, <field> could be rules, and <value> could be your new rules.

You can get more specific help by simply running kb!edit with no arguments.


Kolumbao comes with a plethora of features to enhance your experience in the community. Each of these features has been designed and tested to ensure that your time on Kolumbao is fun and easy.

Content fueled by the people

All of our channels are community suggested, and with the upcoming channel creation feature, you'll be able to make your own channels. Everything you want, when you want.

Points & leaderboard

By chatting you get points which rewards you for activity. Points can give you levels, and users with the most points get to the top of the leaderboard!

Growing community

The number of servers using Kolumbao is constantly increasing, and you can track its growth with commands.

Tons more features

There's so much to tell you, so here's a list of features we pride ourselves on.

Typing indicator

When you start typing in a Kolumbao channel, everyone will see that someone is typing.

Welcome messages

When you talk in Kolumbao for the first time, you'll get a little help message guiding you to an explanation.


While we have a growing number of human moderators, we have automated moderators to stop spam.

File support

We support every file format and download, meaning you can send your memes and your documents over Kolumbao.

Emoji support

Kolumbao has complete support for image and animated emojis. Don't be held back!


Our helper "dogs" will send out announcements, both to provide support and to make people aware of events.

Ping protection

People can't @everyone or @here your server from theirs, so you won't have any pesky or unauthorised pings!

User management

Each user gets a profile in the Kolumbao network. Our moderation team can mute users or entire servers if deemed necessary to protect you.

Getting Started

Getting started with Kolumbao is easy! Just follow these steps, and join the support server if needed.

1. Invite the bot

Simply invite the bot with the requested permissions (not providing all may limit future functionality).

2. Check out kb!setup

Take a look at kb!setup – a simple command that tells you everything you need to know.

3. Finally, install

Kolumbao has a growing number of channels, and you can see all the official channels above. The channel installation functionality is due to be remade, for a much cleaner experience and easier installation process. This update will come alongside the custom channels feature.


As much as Kolumbao is a casual chat and fun place to be, we do have guidelines on branding and design. Here are the correlating logos for Kolumbao, alongside each channels theme colour (where applicable).

Gradient Background
Gradient Foreground
Brand Colors

A linear gradient with the points .accent-0, .accent-1 and .accent-2 is the color definition of the logo. Secondary colors are used for certain extra elements.

.accent-2 & .secondary-0
Channel colors
General (All languages)

If you wish to advertise Kolumbao, here are some resources (these will likely update soon)

What is Kolumbao?

Kolumbao is a bot that connects countless servers to each other with shared channels, allowing people to talk to each other without being in the same server! But, we don't use clunky embeds, all of your messages are made to be as seamless and integrated as possible, leaving all the work to us and the talking to you!

Join today:
Hé, je vais vous montrer un excellent robot sous le nom de `Kolumbao`, qui vous permettra de partager facilement et simplement vos publicités. Par conséquent, ce robot est complètement différent des autres robots, la plus part utilisent des embeds, or, nous utilisons des webhooks :3

:heavy_plus_sign: ** __ Avantages: __ **

• Aucune restriction de serveur
• Détection automatique des liens
• Bloque les publicités malveillantes
• Et découvrez de nombreuses autres fonctionnalités

:globe_with_meridians: **