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Why Kolumbao is great

Kolumbao is in actively developed bot with many features, ranging from auto-moderation to customizable channels. Create a channel and add as many servers as you want to it, lock it with a password, give it a nice description or even write some rules! It's up to you.

Community-led content

All of our channels are community suggested or created, and you can create your own!

Edits and replies

Edits and replies are fully integrated, meaning any edit you make or any message you reply to is shown across all connected servers.

Reactive staff

Our staff are active and on around the clock. With both English and French speakers available, we can ensure all content respect our rules and Discord™'s rules.

Automated moderation

We have a range of protections to prevent users from spamming or raiding the Kolumbao network, and filters to stop any unwarranted content.

Native experience

Unlike other interserver platforms, Kolumbao makes messages look clean and natural, no clunky embeds or bot messages.

Easy to setup

We keep it simple. Creating your own shared channels is easy, and installing new shared channels is even easier!

Getting started

Getting started is easy! Just follow these three easy steps:

  1. Invite the bot with this link.
  2. We recommend you install the flagship channel, kb-general. Do so with kb!join kb-general.
  3. Start talking! Your messages will begin to show up on other servers, try say hello!

Top shared channels

These are the most popular channels (by message count) across our bot.


Hottest channels

These channels have the most new messages in the last week.


*Do not try to refresh to see updates. These are only updated every 60 seconds and you may be ratelimited if you spam.